In medical terms, Vein Disease is commonly known as Venous Disorder. It causes damage to vein membranes, causing the blood to flow incorrectly. This then creates a high blood flow rate, inducing pressure on vein walls and severely affecting the Circulatory System. It can affect the skin in your legs, causing pain and swelling, and also contribute to the development of open sores.

Symptoms That Indicate Vein Disease 

In a healthy individual, the legs carry the blood to the heart; however, someone suffering with Vein Disease will suffer from the blood flowing back to the legs – instead of going upwards. When blood accumulates irregularly in the veins, it leads to other health complications. Understanding how Venous Disorder affects your legs can help you seek treatment as soon as possible. Symptoms to be be on the lookout for are:

Heavy legs: Unless you are obese or pregnant, everyone with this disorder will experience heaviness and swelling in the ankles and lower legs.

Pain & Burning: Due to blood clotting in your calves or legs, this disease will cause burning sensations and discomfort.

Itchiness & Inflammation

Skin Discoloration

Higher visibility Of Veins: The veins will be noticeably visible next to the skin’s surface, and are often enlarged or twisted.



The chances of being diagnosed with Vein Disease may be much higher if you are overweight, pregnant, smoke, or suffer from susceptible family heredity. If you or anyone you know are suffering from the symptoms of Venous Disease, be sure to schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible to start treatment.

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