About Us:

Our staff is dedicated to treating patients with spider veins, twisted or enlarged prominent veins, varicose veins, bulging veins, leg swelling, cramping, “Charlie horse,” and other other vascular related complications. We know many of these patients will benefit from the latest scientific and technological developments in varicose vein care that only a multidisciplinary vascular provider can provide. Unlike other clinics, we are able to use the entire spectrum of therapies from laser spider vein treatments to surgical phlebectomies.

Our vascular center was designed specifically for the type of procedures being offered. When you come to the Laser Vascular Center, our goal is that you will be taken care of in a caring and professional medical setting.

Our treating personnel not only meet but exceed all training requirements for the services they provide. Each of our clinicians has been educated in the medical field and has an understanding of the pathophysiology of what they do. When you have a consult with us, we are not trying to sell you a treatment but instead we will offer you options on how to best take care of yourself. Much of our success is due to combining the right person with the right treatment. Appropriate screening is key to achieving a high satisfaction rate. We have set a high standard for our staff. We feel that is your best guarantee for safe and appropriate care.

We recognize that you have a choice in where you receive your vein care. We guarantee our staff will provide you with realistic expectations and appropriate recommendations prior to your care, safe and professional treatment during your care and will be there to address any concerns you have after your care. That is our promise to you!

K. Alex Kim, MD, FACPH

Vein Specialist

We are proud to have Dr. Kim as our medical director. His undergraduate study at the prestigious Ivy League, Cornell University, Ithaca NY, was followed by New Jersey Medical School, and advanced training in General Surgery and Vascular Surgery. He is a highly sought out vein specialist in the Valley, known for his excellent results and warm attentive bedside manner. When he is not helping patients have healthier circulation, Dr. Kim enjoys running and weight lifting, and spending quality time with his two sons.

Joshua Pessin, MD


Carlos Echevarria, MD, MMM, RPVI

Vein and Vascular Specialist