Venous disease can lead to greater issues and chronic pain. It affects both men and women, to which the effect is not just cosmetic. Troublesome veins can affect your confidence and increase the risk of amputation in the lower extremities. We strongly encourage patients with venous insufficiency symptoms to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, thus requiring timely assistance from a skilled vascular surgeon. It is vital to choose a clinic with the latest state-of-the-art technology and highly experienced professionals to handle different vein diseases, offering fast and efficient relief.

Laser Vascular Center is one of the leading options, with a team of experts who will provide treatment for improving vein health and circulatory function. We have office locations all around the greater Phoenix and northern Arizona area, and now you can also schedule your appointments at our new office in Casa Grande! We are all set to provide you with minimally invasive and comprehensive treatment for varicose veins and other vascular issues. Whether you have spider veins or varicose veins, diabetic foot issues, venous insufficiency, or other circulatory disorders, our team is here to identify the source and develop a customized treatment plan for you. 

 Laser Vascular Center Is Now In Casa Grande, Arizona

Laser Vascular Center is well established in multiple locations throughout Arizona, known for providing five-star assistance to AZ locals. The dedication of our team and director, Dr. Kim, has driven major success – leading to the expansion of our new office branch in Casa Grande. 

This new office location will open its doors on October 26th, 2021, ready to fulfill the needs and demands of anyone seeking medical attention for vein treatment and vascular disorders. We strive to give our patients the highest quality vein treatment with 5 star care and physician expertise, utilizing the latest industry technology. Our new office location will offer services for podiatry, wound care, Neuropathy, physical therapy, venous disorders, vascular surgery, and OBL. 

The new office will be located at 1968 N Peart Rd #102 Casa Grande, AZ 85122 (tentatively).

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Services Offered At Laser Vascular Center

Laser Vascular Center is known for the service quality we provide to our patients. We are well equipped, and certified, to handle different vein issues and provide customized treatment to all. As the leading Arizona vascular clinic, we promise to come up with a fast and efficient healing process for all patients. Below, we will highlight some of the services you can receive at our clinic.

•      Spider Veins

Spider veins are a milder version of varicose veins, where the veins look like a spider web or a sunburst. They are commonly blue or red in color. At Laser Vascular Center, you can rest assured that you will receive the best spider vein treatment

Lasers and intense pulsed light devices selectively damage and permanently destroy spider veins with intense heat energy, and are used when a sclerotherapy needle cannot be used. We use Cynosure Apogee Elite lasers with both Alexandrite and Diomed Diode lasers. Not only do we carry these advanced machines in our clinics, but our medical director is also certified in teaching courses on how to use them properly!

About 80% of spider veins may disappear after a single session, due to vessel coagulation. For some patients with underlying venous insufficiency or thicker skin, treatment results may vary, and more than one treatment may be needed. Approximately 15% of patients will benefit from two treatments, and in about 5% of patients, three sessions may be needed.

Laser vascular varicose veins

•      Venous Ulcers

Venous insufficiency is a growing problem in the United States, and we are here to help! Many people are letting their symptoms go untreated and undiagnosed. This then leads to a more serious sign of venous insufficiency, venous ulcers. Ulcers develop when the leg veins do not return the blood to the heart the way they should. This signifies that the valves inside the veins are damaged. The damage creates a build-up of blood in the lower leg which can leak out and break down surrounding tissue. This is most commonly seen around the ankle area, resulting in discoloration of the skin. As the tissue breaks down, it can feel very rough and hard like a callus. 

We have multiple treatment options available to treat venous ulcers, such as:

  • Unna Boot: which is a medicated wrapping containing zinc oxide to enhance the healing process
  • EVLT: which will help by ablating superficial veins in the lower extremity and allowing the blood to improve circulation
  • Medical Compression Stockings: made to treat and help these symptoms and pains

If you are worried about your current venous condition or have more questions about venous insufficiency, give us a call or click here to schedule your appointment.

•      Deep Vein Thrombosis

DVT is a dangerous blood clot condition that develops in your deep veins causing blood thrombosis. Clots like this are potentially life-threatening because they can break apart, sending large and/or small pieces to your lungs, hearts, or brain (if you have a heart condition called patent foramen ovale). The rogue blood clots can then get lodged in nearby vessels and block off the circulation to that area. This causes a lack of oxygen supply, leading to suffocation, stroke, or even death. This also causes permanent damage to the veins, poor circulation in the legs, swelling and leg pain, and darkening of the skin. Prompt treatment and medical assistance is suggested.

We can provide you with five-star blood clot treatment that will give you the relief you need. Standard DVT treatment includes hospitalizing the patient for several days, placing patients on medications (blood thinners) such as heparin, Lovenox, and/or coumadin, in efforts to prevent the development of more blood clots. Keep in mind, blood thinners do NOT dissolve the clots. They merely prevent more clots from forming. In some cases, patients will need to be on blood-thinning medication for 6-12 months or for the long-term, requiring blood draw lab tests weekly, (depending on personal circumstances). We will take all the measures necessary to yield positive results.

•     Additional Services

We also provide additional treatments for Pelvic Congestion Syndrome, wound care, Uterine Fibroids, Varicose veins, Lymphedema, and more. Browse our website for more information on all the services we offer. 

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If you are seeking vascular treatment, be sure to stop by the new Casa Grande office. Laser Vascular Center is one of the leading vascular care options, with a team of experts who will provide treatment for improving vein health and circulatory function. We strive to ensure everyone gets the best quality vein treatment with high-quality care, utilizing physician expertise and the latest industry technology. 

We will be located at 1968 N Peart Rd #102 Casa Grande, AZ 85122 (tentatively).

If you or someone you love, are suffering from PAD, DVT, diabetic or venous ulcers, or other vein related complications, book your appointment now.  

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