Led by our board-certified vascular specialist, Alex Kim, MD, Laser Vascular Center is Center is a Vascular Disease practice specializing in the treatment of venous diseases. Our vascular team treats an array vascular conditions with the advanced technology in our office. We offer high quality care with the expertise of our physicians and state-of-the-art technology.

Spider Veins

Cosmetic Issue

Spider Veins is a cosmetic condition that is treated with Sclerotherapy (spider vein injections). Dr. Ramaiah is involved with the evaluation and treatment is performed by the nurse. An ultrasound is not required. Spider veins will not harm you if left untreated and this is not a medically necessary procedure. Non-surgical.

Varicose Veins

Bulging Veins

Bulging Varicose veins are a medical problem. When veins bulge it means they are under pressure and there is something going on inside of the leg. An ultrasound is necessary and should be done in an accredited lab. Strict protocol must be followed for accurate results during the ultrasoud.